What are some of the challenges of using Style Guide Driven Development?  


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August 25, 2017 9:54 pm  

Style guide driven development is a good way of building and designing applications in a modular way, keeping both documentation and designs in sync. What are some of the challenges that are common when using this approach?

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August 28, 2017 8:43 pm  

I think there are 2 main challenges:

1) Making time for it. We are all very busy already doing our jobs (these being designing, developing, testing, managing, etc) and when presented with the task of documentation, it is usually perceived as one more thing to do. And yes, it is an additional thing to do, but I think is integral to what we do, because the point of doing it is to understand what and how we do things. When we do this, then we can be more efficient doing our jobs. So the solution here is to make it part of your development workflow vs an afterthought. In the lesson Implementation & Documentation we explain how this dynamic can work.

2) Showing its value to clients. I think generally when you explain to the development team the value of Style Guide Driven Development, most of the people get it right away. However is hard to express this value to clients as they are not on the weeds of the project, and can't tell first hand how painful is to dive into a project that doesn't have or lacks documentation. So good way to cope with this is to show clients real life examples where this has worked (via past projects of yours or case studies from others) and explain that this is really part of your workflow, so documentation will be done as part of development, benefiting as their app is built today but also as development continuous, even if you are not there any longer.



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